Remit and Structure

This document was drawn up by Charnwood Borough Council and approved by the Board in January 2003.

The Role of the Partners

The partners commit themselves to improving the well-being of all people living and working in the Borough. Because the partnership is voluntary it is accepted that representatives to the Board will act primarily on behalf of the body they represent. However, the partners also commit themselves to joint working and shared aims.

The Partners will:

  • Implement the Community Strategy for the Borough.
  • Co-ordinate the partner's contributions.
  • Commit to the action plan.
  • Integrate actions at Local, Borough, County and Regional levels.
  • Improve links between organisations, forums, and groups.
  • Include services that would benefit from partnership working.
  • Work together to deliver services.
  • Simplify working arrangements.
  • Support bids for funding.

The Partners hope they can:

  • Be more efficient with resources.
  • Plug holes in service provision and prevent duplication.
  • Exchange ideas, know-how and best practice.
  • Influence government.
  • Encourage investment.

The Partners will take the lead on:

  • Upholding equality.
  • Being honest about their private interests.
  • Being accountable.
  • Taking decisions on merit.
  • Being open about their decisions.

They will make sure that people get the services they need.

The Partnership comprises a Forum and a Board.

The Forum embraces a wide range of local groups and organisations whose role is to hold the Board accountable. The Forum meets at least once a year and is open to any group or organisation in the Borough of Charnwood who wishes to take part in the implementation and review of the strategy.

The Board is responsible for leadership and direction. It consists of representatives of Key organisations in the Borough of Charnwood including two representatives elected for two year periods by the Forum. It normally meets six times a year.