Partnership Matters

Partnership Matters

Aim: Supporting and developing joined up thinking and action – from networking to action delivery stage, improving working across all sectors in the Borough.

Why? Within Charnwood there is a strong record of effective partnership working to deliver actions and achieve shared outcomes. However, there is a sense that the “partnership family” within the Borough (and its links to partnerships beyond the Borough boundaries) could add more value through better co-ordination and more effective use of the resources committed to delivering in partnership. These may be achieved in part through a better definition of relationships and remits and improved information channels.

At the same time the approach must be sufficiently dynamic to encompass the range and styles of partnership working required to deliver effectively. Priority issues will be:

  • To develop and capitalise on the capacity for partnership working between key agencies and interests within Charnwood by adding value to joint endeavours
  • To make explicit the contribution of Partnerships and Agencies to this strategy
  • For all sectors to demonstrate the value for money of investment in partnership working

Strategic Objectives

  • SO21 to continue to improve partnership working with a view to achieving better outcomes for the Charnwood Together vision.