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Loughborough Town Talk: Official website for The Loughborough Town Centre Partnership

Wed, 30 Mar 2011 15:47

What does the Town Centre Partnership do?

Loughborough Town Centre Partnership, incorporating Crime out of Loughborough, is a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers and supported by Charnwood Borough Council. It is business-led financed by membership fees and funding secured with grant applications, harnessing resources, ideas and commitment to achieve improvement. It operates independently to bring added value over and above the normal public services.

The Partnership is not about lobbying, it is action-orientated. We continually ask the views of Town Centre businesses about what they want and work with partners to deliver a work programme agreed by the Town Centre Partnership board.

Recent projects and achievements:

  • Empty Shop Window Improvement Project
  • Information, Marketing and Signage Project
  • Your Town Needs Your – Buy Local
  • Town Centre Shopping Map
  • Town Centre Partnership website developments
  • Great St Paul bell case installation
  • Loughborough in Bloom
  • Delivery of annual Events programme
  • Production and distribution of Loughborough Town Centre Partnership newsletter
  • Production and distribution to members of the COOL newsletter

Safe & Secure: A Guide to dealing with ASB in the borough of Charnwood

Fri, 25 Mar 2011 14:48

This booklet has been produced by the Charnwood Community Safety Partnership to help reduce anti-social behaviour and help create a safer community and a better quality of life for those that live, visit and work in the Borough of Charnwood. It is designed for members of the public and professionals. It explains all about anti-social behaviour and tells people who and where they should complain to.

Conservation Areas

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 14:57

There are 38 designated Conservation Areas in the Borough. They are areas of special architectural or historic interest. They include most of the traditional village and town centres in the Borough as well as some Victorian and Edwardian and 1920s residential suburbs in Loughborough.

Conservation area designation does not prevent change but is intended to help preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the area.

The main implications of designation are:

  • Stricter limitation on the extent of development that can be carried out without permission under permitted development. There is a smaller limit on extensions and greater control over garden buildings and structures;
  • Demolition is controlled with a requirement to obtain Conservation Area Consent;
  • Trees are protected.

In addition to these limitations there is an expectation of a higher standard of design in Conservation Areas. Residents and businesses are encouraged to maintain and restore their buildings in keeping with the character of the area.

There is useful information for householders on the Planning Portal and you may find the Self Assessment Form useful before completing an application form for Conservation Area Consent

To help the process of managing change in the conservation areas the Council is carrying out a programme of writing a character appraisal of each area. The appraisals consider the historical development of the areas, their setting in the landscape, their plan and streetscape. The appraisals go on to consider the buildings themselves, the traditional building materials which are found in the area and the architectural details. The appraisals include an assessment of the contribution of trees, green spaces and biodiversity. In carrying out the appraisal there is an opportunity to note negative aspects and areas which could be enhanced. A management plan based on the appraisal is then included either as a separate document or within the same document,

Before publication and approval by Cabinet the appraisals and management plans are shared with the local community at a public meeting.

Conservation AreaMapAppraisalManagement PlanSlideshowAnsteyYesYesYesYesBarkbyYesIn preparationIn preparationNoBarrow upon SoarYesYesYesYesBeebyYesYesYesNoBirstallYesNoNoNoCossingtonYesNoNoNoCropstonYesNoNoNoHathernYesYesYesYesHotonYesYesYesYesLoughborough Ashby RoadYesYesYesNoLoughborough CemeteryYesYesYesNoLoughborough Church GateYesYesYesNoLoughborough Emmanuel ChurchYesYesYesYesLoughborough Leicester RoadYesYesYesNoLoughborough Queens ParkYesYesYesNoLoughborough ShelthorpeYesYesYesYesLoughborough Victoria StreetYesYesYesYesMountsorrelYesYesYesYesNewtown LinfordYesYesYesYesQueniboroughYesIn preparationIn preparationNoQuornYesYesYesYesRatcliffe on the WreakeYesNoNoNoRearsbyYesYesYesYesRothleyYesYesYesYesRothley RidgewayYesYesYesYesSeagraveYesYesYesYesShepshedYesYesYesYesSilebyYesYesYesYesSouth CroxtonYesYesYesYesSwithlandYesNoNoNoSystonYesYesYesYesThrussingtonYesNoNoNoThurcastonYesNoNoNoWalton on the WoldsYesNoNoNoWoodhouse Forest RoadYesNoNoNoWoodhouse School LaneYesNoNoNoWoodhouse EavesYesYesYesYesWymeswoldYesYesYesYes

A small part of Markfield Conservation Area, lies within Charnwood. For information please contact Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Appendices

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 11:07


1. Membership of Town Team
2. List of Relevant Documents
3. Acknowledgements
4. Contacts

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Implementation Plan

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 11:05

Key Stakeholders & Partners
Timetable & Planning
Costs & Funding
Land Ownership
Utilities & Infrastructure
Key Development Sites & Public Realm Proposals
Assessing Other Development Proposals
Action Plan
Risk Analysis
Monitoring & Review

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Other Development & Redevelopment Possibilities

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:55

Urban Design Guiding Principles

Sites/buildings for Development, Redevelopment & Improvement;
Sites/buildings to be Retained or Protected

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Key Development Sites

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:51

High Quality Public Realm: Part 5

Devonshire Square & Granby Street Car Park
Former General Hospital & Aumberry Gap
Loughborough Eastern Gateway

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Urban Design Guiding Principles

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:41

High Quality Public Realm: Part 4

The Character of Loughborough
Distinctiveness- A Town Centre with its Own Identity
Continuity & Closure- A Town Centre where Public & Private spaces are clearly distinguished
Legibility- A Place that has a clear image & is easy to understand
Adaptibility- A Plact that can change easily
Diversity of Uses- A Town Centre offering Variety & Choice
A Sustainable Place

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Public Realm Part 5

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:35

A High Quality Public Realm: Part 3

The Parish Green
Design Palette

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Public Realm Part 4

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:33

High Quality Public Realm: Part 2

iv. General Hospital Site/ Inner Relief Road

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Public Realm Part 3

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:26

A High Quality Public Realm: Part 1

iii. Queens Park/ Devonshire Square/ Granby Street

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Public Realm Part 1

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:09

The Importance of the Public Realm
Loughborough's Public Spaces
Key Public Realm Issues
General Design Principles for the Public Realm
Strategic Public Realm Enhancements & New Public Spaces

i. Swan Street/ High Street

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Transport & Movement

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 10:06

Access to the Town Centre
Movement within the Town Centre
Town Walks

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: The Vision

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 09:59

Loughborough Town Centre in Context
Purpose of the Masterplan
Masterplan Area

Loughborough Town Centre: Foreword

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 09:54

Vision for Loughborough Town Centre
The Masterplan

Loughborough Town Centre Masterplan: Introduction

Fri, 18 Mar 2011 09:52

Loughborough Town Centre in Context
Prupose of the Masterplan
Status Masterplan
Definition of Areas
The Planning Policy Context