People, Places & Environment Partnership

Overarching Aims:

Proactively work together to build resilience in our local neighbourhoods; and continue to build and enable stronger communities and better cohesion between key community groups.

Continue to provide communities across Charnwood with support to build social capital

1: Develop an intelligence framework to assess and identify the 'needs' and 'issues' of local communities

2: Continue to work in partnership with local communities to support, encourage and empower community engagement and develop community pride.

3: To move forward the Environment Delivery Group and create stronger links to the community engagement activities.

4: Assess, identify and respond to the emerging agendas and policies – eg: PCC Transition, Neighbourhood Policing Changes, Universal Credit, CNH transition and Leicestershire Supporting Families Programme


  • Charnwood Borough Council
  • Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing
  • Leicestershire Police
  • Leicestershire County Council
  • NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland
  • John Storer Charnwood


The work of this group includes:

a. Work in Priority Neighbourhoods and work with local people to improve quality of life in defined areas with a significant concentration of inequalities at Borough level.

b. Neighbourhood management techniques may also be applied in other neighbourhoods which are identified as having complex problems that need co-ordinated multi-agency interventions.

c. Responsibility for gathering intelligence, identifying issues and analysing trends and continue to review and update the data/targets.

d. Building confidence with local communities with regard to the way the local council and police deal with issues of anti social behaviour and crime and disorder.

e. To move forward the Environment Delivery Group and create stronger links to the community engagement activities.

f. The Group will meet 6 times a Year.


1. To co-ordinate partner activity to deliver tangible improvements in neighbourhoods identified through analysis as requiring priority attention due to significant and complex issues affecting residents' quality of life and well-being.

2. To ensure partner resources are directed to tackle both immediate and longer term underlying issues through the creation of Neighbourhood Action Plans to be delivered by Neighbourhood Action Teams in consultation with Neighbourhood Forums and/or Area Forums.

3. To ensure that residents of neighbourhoods are engaged effectively in the creation of action plans and their delivery.

4. To encourage activities that promote and develop a sense of belonging for local communities, particularly targeting those groups that are most disaffected.

5. To co-ordinate the development and delivery of neighbourhood improvement across all targeted areas of the Borough including performance management of activities.

6. To support joint planning to ameliorate the potential effects that could be experienced by a sudden influx of new arrivals to an area – either via new developments, or international events.

7. To promote working together to develop small-scale programmes that help to break down barriers and build relations between different communities, for example by encouraging festivals, events, and service programmes to encourage greater understanding of the communities that live in Charnwood.

8. To promote neighbourhood improvement activity and achievements to partners, the public and residents of the neighbourhoods.

Strategic Objectives within Remit

SO1 - to reduce social exclusion and deprivation and increase educational attainment particularly in those parts of the within remit Borough identified as areas of relatively higher need, for example the priority neighbourhoods of Loughborough East, Loughborough West, Mountsorrel and South Charnwood.

SO3 - to secure the provision of accessible facilities and services to meet the needs of all local people, having regard to the particular needs of the young, old and “hard to reach”.

SO5 - to promote stronger, cohesive and balanced communities having regard to changes in demographics, for example influencing the type of housing provision.

Priority Places of the Group's Work

Loughborough, Shepshed, Birstall, Syston, Thurmaston, Anstey, Mountsorrel and wherever else as identified in the future.

Priority Neighbourhoods – East Loughborough, West Loughborough, Mountsorrel, South Charnwood (parts of Syston and Thurmaston).