Charnwood Health and Wellbeing Partnership

To develop and implement co-ordinated multi-agency action to improve health and well-being and to reduce health inequalities in Charnwood in line with national, regional and local priorities.

To maximise the opportunities to improve partnership working to improve the health of Charnwood people.

To promote information sharing and public awareness of key health and well-being issues relevant to Charnwood.

Role and Function:

  • To co-ordinate the Charnwood contribution to Leicestershire-wide, multi-agency planning for public health.
  • To consider health needs assessments relevant to the Borough and from that contribute to informed prioritisation of topics such as sexual health and geographical areas in particular priority neighbourhoods.
  • To receive periodic reports from local delivery groups on progress in addressing priority health and well-being issues and consider partnership proposals for new partnership initiatives to tackle such priorities.
  • To be responsible, on behalf of Charnwood Together, for:
    a) the Charnwood contribution to the achievement of delivery plans and targets in the Healthier Communities Block of the Leicestershire Local Area Agreement.
    b) creation and implementation of an action plan to address the “Reducing Alcohol Harm” action area of the Charnwood Community Strategy.
  • To develop the close partnership working with NHS organisations, local authorities, voluntary and community groups, private sector organisations and other local strategic partnership partners which are crucial to promoting health and reducing inequalities.
  • To ensure that an appropriate focus is given to addressing health inequalities, assessing and monitoring health care needs and improving the overall health of the local population.
  • To develop a planning and performance management structure to support delivery of its responsibilities.


  • Charnwood Borough Council
  • Leicestershire County Council
  • Age Concern
  • NHS Leicestershire County And Rutland
  • Leicestershire Partnership Trust
  • Leicestershire Rural Community Council
  • Loughborough College
  • BACA Project
  • Turning Point
  • HREC Human Rights and Equalities Council
  • Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing
  • Voluntary Action Charnwood
  • Rainbows
  • Bridge Housing Services
  • Marsh and┬áMoss
  • Homestart Charnwood
  • The Pension Service

Strategic Objectives within remit

  • SO3 - to secure the provision of accessible facilities and services to meet the needs of all local people, having regard to the particular needs of the young, old and “hard to reach”.
  • S06 - to promote health and wellbeing, for example by ensuring the residents have access to health care, local parks. greenspaces and natural environment, the countryside and facilities for sport and recreation, and creative and community activities.
  • SO16 - to ensure that there is a network of vibrant ‘local’ centres so residents have access to a range of shops, services and facilities.

Priority Places for this Group's work

  • Loughborough, Shepshed, Birstall, Thurmaston, Anstey
  • Priority Neighbourhoods - East Loughborough, West Loughborough, Mountsorrel, South Charnwood (parts of Syston and Thurmaston).

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