Economy & Skills Partnership

To provide a co-ordination role for the organisations and agencies with interests in furthering competitiveness, growth and learning in Charnwood.

To work with East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA), Leicester Shire Economic Partnership (LSEP) and similar bodies to facilitate projects and initiatives that contribute to a stronger, more vibrant and growing economy for Charnwood,

To ensure the development of a robust economic development strategy for the Borough that promotes Charnwood’s potential to contribute to the economic future of the region and benefit people who live and work in the Borough and has
regard to the following considerations:

  1. Quality jobs – by creating new employment opportunities across the skills base – for instance, by working to maintain a good mix of employment opportunities while giving priority to increasing our knowledge based business (e.g. hi-tech manufacturing, knowledge based services, creative and sporting industries etc) rather than actively attracting low skill based investment (e.g. distribution).
  2. Quality people – by bridging skills gaps and developing people’s capacity for quality jobs and purposeful activity – for instance, by seeking to tackle deficits in basic numeracy and literacy skills, by improving links between business and training providers to address specific skills gaps, by targeting areas and groups of higher than average unemployment, by retaining more graduates and encouraging “hard to reach” communities to participate more fully. This includes supporting Life Long Learning principles and the value of volunteering, as well as developing general life skills.
  3. Quality environment – by applying sustainable development principles to minimise adverse impacts – for instance by working through planning policies to secure sites for employment in appropriate locations, encouraging developers to adopt high standards of design in conversions and new build, including environmental and crime prevention best practice, by seeking to attract businesses that take environmental stewardship responsibilities seriously. Developing relationships with exemplar agencies, such as the National Forest Company.
  4. Quality employers – by actively attracting new investment that builds on our strengths and potential – for instance by encouraging and supporting new business start ups and inward investment and retention of those locally as they expand, by supporting exchange of best practice between business and educational institutions, by supporting existing manufacturers and other businesses to innovate, modernise and invest in their workforces.

To oversee delivery of that Strategy as part of delivery of this Sustainable Community Strategy.

Strategic Objectives within remit

  • SO14 - to sustain and enhance Loughborough town centre as a prosperous, attractive and vibrant destination for shopping, within remit entertainment and leisure as well as a place to live.
  • SO15 - to capitalise on the benefits of Loughborough University, especially those associated with its reputation as a centre of sporting excellence, research into innovation, new technologies and sustainability.
  • SO16 - to ensure that there is a network of vibrant ‘local’ centres so residents have access to a range of shops, services and facilities.
  • SO18 - to provide all communities in Charnwood with access to quality jobs and improved standards of life by safeguarding key employment sites and creating opportunities for new high quality employment sites, including a new Science Park at Loughborough.
  • SO19 - to encourage the local economy towards a higher share of higher-value, higher quality, innovative industries and services and ensure labour market balance by providing for a mix of jobs and access to training including those for less skilled members of the community.
  • SO20 - to encourage thriving and diverse sustainable rural enterprise and farming and the promotion of local foods and local energy sources.

Priority Places for this Group's work

  • Loughborough, Shepshed, Syston, Thurmaston, Anstey, Sileby, Mountsorrel.
  • Priority Neighbourhoods – East Loughborough, West Loughborough, Mountsorrel, South Charnwood (parts of Syston and Thurmaston).
  • East Loughborough – regeneration issues.

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