Bid to Beat the Burglars in South Charnwood

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to continue a blitz on burglary in South Charnwood.

Although the number of burglaries has plunged by 32 per cent in Charnwood in the last 12 months, the Charnwood Community Safety Partnership is warning residents not to become complacent.

So an advertising van, emblazoned with the slogan “Lock It or Lose It”, is being deployed around Birstall, Mountsorrel, Syston, Anstey and Thurmaston between June 22-24.

Cllr David Snartt, Chairman of Charnwood Community Safety Partnership which has organised the initiative, said: “The reduction in burglary has been remarkable – but we don’t want to get complacent which is why we’re running this initiative again.

“Not only does the advan message aim to remind residents to lock doors and windows, it also sends a stark warning to burglars that we are keeping them constantly in our sights and they will end up suffering the consequences unless they turn their back on crime.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is for residents to lock doors and windows behind them, even when they are in, as one in three burglaries happens in this way. Also, use your alarm if you have one and leave a light on when you go out to make it look like someone is in.”

Inspector Duncan Southall, Commander of Charnwood Local Policing Unit, said; “With the warmer weather here it is all too easy to leave windows and doors open or unlocked which makes life very easy for opportunist burglars.

“I’d urge people to help us by keeping their homes secure and the Advan is a highly visible way of reinforcing that message.”

Residents are reminded to take the following measures to help drive down burglaries:

• Lock doors and windows.
• Don’t leave car keys or handbags near doors and windows.
• If you are going away, use a timer to switch lights on and off.
• Don’t open the door to unexpected callers, use a door chain and check them out first.
• If you have an alarm – use it.
• Look out for your neighbours and their property.
• Report ANY suspicious activity to the Police (day or night) on 01162 222 222 or 999.

And the message to criminals:

• Covert and overt Officers and vehicles (including mobile Automatic Number plate Recognition) are actively out looking for you.
• Keep looking over your shoulder – you and your vehicles will be targeted.
• Think twice before coming to Charnwood and committing crime.”