On the 13th October 2009, the Home Secretary announced that by March 2010 he expected to see all local areas delivering a minimum set of anti-social behaviour standards. He anticipated that these standards would be shared across Community Safety Partnerships.

Charnwood Community Safety Partnership’s Anti-social Behaviour Strategy details partner’s intent to work and plan together to tackle emerging issues of anti social behaviour which affect local residents and visitors to the Borough. It promotes an integrated and holistic approach to tackling and preventing anti social behaviour. It recognises that the approaches that work best are those which combine enforcement elements with a range of community prevention and rehabilitation programmes and individually focussed initiatives

Consideration is currently being given to the development of a sub-regional approach to achieving common standards across Leicestershire. These will be developed over time and will be published as soon as they are available.

In the mean time, in response to the Home Secretary’s directive, Charnwood Community Safety Partnership has adopted the following standards, which include those recommended by the Home Office (marked with an asterisk) and an additional 4 standards, which have local relevance. Whilst delivering against these standards, the Partnership will seek to promote a culture that challenges anti-social behaviour.