Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Rowdy or Inconsiderate Behaviour
Although the reported incidence of this type of ASB has reduced, it still remains one of the main threats to the community. Loughborough has the greater density of ASB incidents however there are also hot spots in locations such as Mountsorrel, Birstall, Thurmaston, East Goscote, and Shepshed.

Based on the last three years reported ASB figures, August and October appear to be the busiest months, with a very similar pattern noted year-on-year.

Alcohol consumption is believed to be directly linked to a significant proportion of ASB occurring in Charnwood Borough. Street drinking appears to increase in the evenings/nights of the weekends, whether it is youth-related street drinking or night-time economy influenced. The partnership is actively addressing the issues of under-age purchases and consumption of alcohol further consideration will be give to this in Theme Reducing Acquisitive and Violent Crime.

Criminal Damage
Although a reduction has been noted year-on-year, Criminal Damage still accounts for over 19% of all crimes in the Charnwood Borough area. 63% of the incidents are damage to residential, commercial and public property. The remaining 37% are damage to motor vehicles.

Deliberate Fires
For the purposes of this assessment deliberate fires have been broken down into:

  • Primary – buildings, vehicles and outdoor structures such as post boxes and equipment and fires which involve deaths, casualties, rescues or five or more appliances
  • Secondary – outdoor fires such as grass and trees and outdoor structures such as wheelie bins and derelict buildings and vehicles.

There was an increase in fires in 2009/10 compared to the previous year and this was higher than the two-year average unlike other areas. Charnwood had the second highest level of fires in the sub-region.